GyanNidhi, Kolkata
HRBC Offices, Kolkata

The majestic Vidyasagar Setu with its towering spires heralds the arrival of Kolkata from a long distance. At closer proximity one is greeted by a mesh of multi-directional viaducts interspersed with vacant ill-kempt greenscape. HRBC-the commissioning body of Vidyasagar Setu and its adjacent areas   decided to use these spaces meaningfully by building an office complex.

The site, adjacent to the Vidyasagar  Setu, an engineering marvel,  forms a part of the grand  gateway  to the metropolis  of Kolkata. It stands as a mute audience to the powerful interlinks of multilevel viaducts originating from the Vidyasagar Setu on the west bank of the mighty Ganga.

Its locational importance posed a vital challenge for any visionary to create an edifice that will complement the grandeur of the neighbourhood… create an architectural marvel in the future.  The design has proved so successful that one of the buildings of the office complex has been chosen to house the offices of the state government of West Bengal including the Chief Minister's office, on their shift from Writers' Building

IBP House, Kolkata

Offices for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Kolkata

Built-up area: 8800 sq.m
Project Cost: Rs. 13.14 Crores
Date of completion: April 2006

The L shaped plot with a narrow frontage led to the conception of two blocks deemed to be developed in two phases for the corporate giant. The narrow longitudinal front block with its low rise form has been deliberately sheared at the entrance to widen the landscaped space and beckon the visitor to venture further inside the complex. The front block is thus entered from the middle by an imposing atrium which segregates the use inside into two separate zones with connecting corridor. The mass in various levels for creation of terrace gardens and series of inclined columns along the entrance driveway helps to bind the structure in a sculptural thematic unity. Restrained use of glass and louvers create a proper balance between the solid and the void.

Topsel Toyota Showroom, Kolkata

The Japanese automobile major's flagship showroom and service centre in proper Kolkata called for a strong presence.

In response, the architect created a pure and pristine form with bold scooped out mass, horizontal striated fenestration creating an overall impression of a streamlined machinistic architecture.

The glass box like showroom at the ground level with its impressive height creates the desired transparency and the perfect balance with the solid white façade above.