JSW 'Ankur' Township, Salboni

The steel giant’s maiden venture in this state calls for a strong architectural statement.
The main criteria is the speed of the construction which led to the introduction of steel structures for all public buildings.Bold post-modern form with exposed steel members and inlay panel of exposed brick work evokes a balance between the strength of steel and the earthy and softening image of bricks.
The architect lay emphasis on bold fenestrations of solid and voids both for upholding the image of the project and also for ease of construction.


Fisherman's Village, Nayachar

NAYACHAR, a riverine island, off Haldia is an island inhabited by a small fishing community who earn their livelihood by either working in the fishery cooperatives or individually catching fish in the river or the ditches formed during high tides. The proposed mega development scheme earmarked for this island will require rehabilitation of the scattered fishing settlement into a comprehensive fishing village that will enhance their living standards and address their needs and aspirations…

The design aims at reflecting the versatility of bamboo as a durable and also an elegant construction component which is typical of vernacular structures prevalent in South East Asia.



NKID Township, Baruipur



The township in the southern fringes of a burgeoning metropolis amidst a sylvan neighborhood has been visualized as a ‘destination’. The success of this venture is wholly dependent on its being as an ‘activity zone’, apart from being the home of a sizable population, and its capacity to generate income for the neighboring semi-rural population. Apart from a residential complex, it promises to be a nucleus of arts, crafts and agro based industries, a thriving sporting activity zone as well as a weekend retreat for the city dwellers.

The township is being visualized with the following salient features:

The landform of the complex:
This is to be developed by the -

The plantation scheme will be developed on the following guidelines:

Importance of the socio-economic viability of the complex to be maintained through the following features:

Focal attraction of the complex:

Flexibility of Forms:


Proposed Township at Baruipur for NKID

Potential of the Site

Challenges due to the Existing Condition

Keeping these challenges in mind the proposed scheme provides multiple options in the residential as well as the commercial sector in a manner that the development will take place in phases and over a longer period of time in sync with the development of the district headquarters.
The Residential Sector
The residential sector will be developed in phases depending upon the demand in the zone but can be taken up sequentially from

The Commercial Sector
For a holistic site development and considering future growth, the scheme proposes to incorporate the following facilities which can be taken up at in a phase wise development

All these areas have been deliberately stationed near the entrance due to easy accessibility and controlling the influx of outside visitors in the complex. The present scheme has been drawn up considering a long term development that will be taken up in phases. Hence, additional features like the Vocational Training and Hospital has been considered which is also an income and employment generating feature.


Bengal Sriram Township, Hind Motor


Aim of the design was to:

A 314 acre integrated township encompassing mixed residential neighbourhood , an I.T. park , commercial centres , hotel & health facilities.
The existing water body in the site were retained as a central mass cutting through the site & acting as the main spine of the township.