Ecology Park, Rajarhat

The vast expanse of the wetlands along New Town Airport highway is a daily sight for city dwellers and yet most of us are unaware of the important role this natural habitat can play for the inhabitants of the New Town. Located in the midst of a fast developing urban neighborhood, the site is a large green hub amidst the urban fabric of the city. The Government of West Bengal has decided to develop the whole area as an eco- tourism destination.
The proposed site – an island within the wetlands is the nucleus of the proposed development.
Overall Vision.....
.....Refresh, relax, meditate

Eco park, Mandarmoni

MANDARMANI is a large and fast developing seaside resort village in the East Midnapore  district in the state of West Bengal and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal, known for its serene beaches.
Mandarmani boasts of a 13 km long motorable beach characterized by hard sand.
The primary purpose of this Ecopark is to provide opportunities for enjoying healthy outdoor recreation and to spread environmental and ecological consciousness and awareness.

Based on the vision, the scheme proposes to adopt numerous entertainment options including educative and knowledge inducing attractions for the young generation.
The entertainment and educative components of the Eco park will be: