Salesian Chapel, Darjeeling

Temple, Tripura

The horizontal sprawl is a distinctive throwback to the Kerala style of temple architecture where due to heavy rainfall the roof structure is characterized by long overhanging eaves. It is also comparable to the pagoda type tiered structure of the Himalayan states and south-east Asian countries. The structure carries a sense of mysticism being half hidden amidst the rich surrounding foliage of the tea garden.




Don Bosco Church, Kalyani

Strong geometry in its purest form formed the composition of the building.
A series of triangular facades in varying heights, terminated by barrel vault at the apex created the imposing effect of the structure.
The strong angular lines are boldly carried through till they touch the ground like supporting buttresses.
Use of stained glass at the gable ends created an ethereal feeling as light filters through into the main hall.
The towering belfry stands as a contrast to the composition.


Birla Temple, Barasat

Challenge was to convince a client of traditional mindset to accept a contemporary form.
The proposal was a judicious blend of modern form with traditional motifs.
The Radha Krishna Temple on a shoestring budget and limited time frame was achieved by