Rajarhat Bus Terminus, Kolkata
South City, Kolkata

Hiland Park, Kolkata

As the demand for housing increased in Kolkata, this project was realized as the natural outcome of the forces of premium land values, the emergence of a booming real estate industry and the thumping pace of globalization. As people started paying premium prices for their residences, they started to demand commensurate premium-level facilities as well as part of their purchase price. Land parcels within the city were becoming much less readily available, which resulted in the acquisition of larger tracts of land on the city fringes and further beyond. No specific landuse regulations existed for these sites or of the neighbourhood. Often isolated in nature, these land parcels necessitated the provision of a gated and self-sufficient development, providing a haven of security for its residents.

Hiland Park situated in Chak Garia of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass is one of the first developments of its kind in Kolkata, and the flagship project of its developer, and as such no specific constraints were laid down by them. The space programming was left entirely to the discretion of the architect. Furthermore, as neighbourhood sites were vacant, the builtform was not dictated by any surrounding contextual elements.

The complex comprises nine towers, the tallest being 27 stories, housing nearly 1000 residential units comprising standard apartments, duplexes and penthouses. Ancillary facilities included community hall, tennis/basketball/volleyball and squash courts, jogging tracks, gymnasium and a swimming pool. The residents of Hiland Park are primarily of the upper income group which has resulted in less of a variety in terms of typologies. Parking has been accommodated in semi-basement levels and on podiums, which has assured the removal of eyesores in the form of ground level parking lots.

Commercial Complex, Haldia

Rose Valley, a multifaceted concern has forayed into the real estate market in recent times. Currently it has taken up the development of a commercial venture. The endeavor being to create a state of the art multi-facility commercial complex.
The site selected for the project is located in Haldia. It is situated at the junction of NH41 and a 20m wide road.

The premium location almost demands the creation of a signature landmark which has the potential to draw in a huge crowd from Haldia and the surroundings, leading to the success of this venture.
The design of the complex has been developed from the client’s brief and site appraisal. There is  a definite requirement to create a destination of  shopping, entertainment for hi-end clientele generated through growth of industries in and around this area. There is scope for providing a hotel block catering to bussiness travelers. Significant development of Nayachowk in Durgapur has ushered in a trend of commercial development in these zones. A state-of-the-art campus combining a multitude of functions will ensure a substantial revenue generation throughout the year.
The architectural vocabulary of the mall would be in keeping with the present trends and yet would move away from the lifeless entities rendered in absence of proper interaction of external and internal spaces. The ultimate aim would be to create a unique identity of this campus.
The final design program of the complex  that has been developed comprises of the following features:
 The mall…

The Hotel…
It would be of 4 star category with facilities at par with the best in the industry. The towering block would facilitate some grand views of the river. The main facilities provided :


Kolkata Gate

North Bengal Gate